EXCLUSIVE: Khanh Ong talks all things I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here!

From the intense challenges to who he'd like to see win...

Another one bites the dust. Yes, Khanh Ong has been eliminated from I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! Australia.

The chef will be missed by viewers for his hilarious antics and we’re sure the remaining contestants will sorely miss his cooking skills.

The Weekly sat down with Khahn shortly after he was booted from the jungle to discuss his experience…

Read our full I’m A Celeb interview with Khanh Ong below:

The Weekly: What was the best thing you experienced in the jungle?

Khanh: The best thing was probably meeting everyone. I learned a lot about them and met a lot of people that I didn’t think I would ever run into in real life. Like, I’m a massive fan of Candice [Warner], Michelle Bridges and even Skye [Wheatley], I loved her on Big Brother. Yeah, meeting celebrities that I would never run into was really cool.

What was the hardest challenge to get through?
khanh ong i'm a celeb

Okay, the hardest challenge for me was pretty much all of them. Getting dropped off the cliff was not what I was expecting on day one. I’m massively scared of heights. And I like to be in control, so not being able to even be in control of jumping off the cliff really got me.

And everyone expected me to do really well in the eating challenges. But I don’t think that that’s the case. Like, I feel like I taste things more than the typical person. So when I’m eating, gross things are extra gross. So I found the eating challenges so, so gross. And the frogs. Oh my God, I hate frogs so much and now I have touched frogs.

Are there any I’m A Celeb contestants that you now consider a friend?

No, none of them. They all suck.

[Laughs.] No, I’m joking. For me, Skye. Skye is my number one girl. I love her to pieces. Candace I got along with really well, Michelle I got along with really well.

Callum [Hole] as well. I love Brit[tany Hockley], Steven [K Amos] and Pete[r Daicos] as well. Like, I think I just got to know people that I’ve never met before, that ended up being just people that were really family orientated. They had really good morals and I was just loving it in there.

Who do you think will win I’m A Celeb this year?

Skye. She’s brave, she’s intelligent, and actually is a go getter. She’ll give everything a go. She is vocal about everything. She’s inquisitive. I want to see her at the end with the crown.

MasterChef, Survivor or I’m A Celeb; what was your favourite show to be on?

MasterChef gave me a career. So, if we’re thinking about my life, then MasterChef, I owe so much to [it]. Survivor because I was a massive fan of it. But I’m A Celeb is a different beast and you get to face the fears that you’d never get to in your everyday life. And I made so many new friends. I don’t know; I loved them for different reasons.

What’s the first thing you’ll do when you get home? Aside from obviously hugging your friends and family?

Okay, so I will have more coffee. I’ve already had coffee here [in South Africa]. I’m going to go and water my plants. I’m going to go to the gym. I then will go – go on a holiday. I’m going to Bali. I’m just gonna run away for five days and eat amazing food, enjoy the sunshine and not get scared about frogs.

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