Have the Farmer Wants A Wife 2024 winners leaked already?

Warning: Potential spoilers lie ahead!

The beloved matchmaking reality show, Farmer Wants A Wife, is still a little while away from its finale, but dedicated fans seem to have already pieced together which ladies Farmer Bert, Farmer Dustin, Farmer Joe and Farmer Tom will respectively choose. They even correctly picked who Farmer Dean chose mid-season.

Their secret? They turned to a reliable strategy: scrutinising the odds on gambling platforms such as Sportsbet and TAB.

Historically, these betting odds have been spot-on in forecasting the outcomes of several reality TV shows, including I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! Australia, MasterChef Australia and Farmer Wants A Wife.

If you’re looking for a potential spoiler (because who doesn’t love a spoiler?!), the betting odds for Farmer Wants A Wife 2024 were as follows when the season first began:

Farmer Bert was tipped to leave Farmer Wants A Wife without a relationship. This was leading the betting odds with $1.50 on Sportsbet.

However, after this option, Caitlin was the frontrunner with odds of $3.00.

Farmer Bert is tipped to leave the show without choosing anyone!

For Farmer Dustin, Sophie was the favourite with impressive odds of $1.37.

Following Sophie was Anna with $3.60

farmer wants a wife winners leaked
According to betting odds, Farmer Dustin will end up with Sophie.

Sportsbet’s predictions for Farmer Joe indicate a connection with Sarah, who boasted odds of $1.40.

Following Sarah was Claire with $4.00.

farmer wants a wife winners leaked
Will Farmer Joe pick Sarah?

Sarah C was the predicted winner of Farmer Tom’s affections, with odds of $1.53.

Following Sarah C was Krissy with $3.50.

farmer wants a wife winners leaked
Sarah C is the top choice on Sportsbet for Farmer Tom.

Farmer Dean’s heart appeared to be leaning towards Teegan, when the season first began: her odds stood at $1.53 on the same platform.

And hey, the betting odds were right! Farmer Dean did indeed pick Teegan mid-season and the two left the show early

farmer wants a wife winners leaked
Teegan did indeed win Farmer Dean’s heart.

Of course, only time will tell which lady the remaining Farmers choose (also, as a note, Farmer Todd only came into Farmer Wants A Wife halfway through the season, so there were no betting odds for who he would chose and there still aren’t now).

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