The six actors who have played the iconic spy James Bond

Of course, that number is about to go up to seven...

In 1953, Ian Fleming first introduced the world to James Bond – a handsome and charming spy, also known as ‘007’ – in the best-selling novel Casino Royale

And less than 10 years later, in 1962, the beloved character was brought to life on the silver screen for the first time in Dr. No

Flashforward to today and we’ve been blessed with numerous film adaptations of Ian’s Bond books

But there have only been six actors lucky enough to play the man who enjoys a martini shaken, not stirred.

james bond actors

Of course, that number is about to go up to seven – according to The Sun, Aaron Taylor-Johnson has been formally offered the titular role in a new James Bond film. 

But before it’s confirmed whether or not the Kick-Ass actor accepts, let’s take a trip down memory lane… 

These are the actors who have played James Bond over the years: 

Sean Connery

The first actor to ever portray James Bond was Sean Connery. He starred in five Bond films (Dr. No, From Russia with Love, Goldfinger, Thunderball and You Only Live Twice) between 1962 and 1967 before taking a break. 

Sean then returned to the Bond franchise in 1971 in the film Diamonds Are Forever. Then, over a decade later, the Scottish-born actor played 007 for the last time – in the 1983 film Never Say Never Again

james bond actors sean connery

George Lazenby 

Australian actor George Lazenby played James Bond in the 1969 film On Her Majesty’s Secret Service while Sean was taking his break. This film marked the only time George ever played the iconic spy and, while he was nominated for a Golden Globe thanks to his performance, he is generally regarded as the worst Bond. 

james bond actors george lazenby

Roger Moore

Two years after Sean’s sixth Bond film, Roger Moore stepped into the role – in the 1973 film Live and Let Die. The actor then starred in five more Bond films (The Man with the Golden Gun, The Spy Who Loved Me, Moonraker, For Your Eyes Only and Octopussy) before Sean returned for his seventh and last turn as the 007 spy. 

However, two years after that, in 1985, Roger played James Bond again in A View To Kill. This marked the last time he took on the role. 

james bond actors roger moore

Timothy Dalton

In the late 80s, Timothy Dalton became the fourth actor to play James Bond. Timothy starred in two films – The Living Daylights and Licence to Kill before retiring from the franchise. 

timothy dalton

Pierce Brosnan

Pierce Brosnan starred in a handful of Bond films in the 90s and early 00s. In 1995, Pierce made his debut as 007 in GoldenEye and then reprised the role in Tomorrow Never Dies, The World Is Not Enough and Die Another Die.

pierce brosnan

Daniel Craig

In 2006, the entire Bond franchise was rebooted with Daniel Craig at the helm. However, before Daniel’s first Bond film, Casino Royale, was released, his casting caused major controversy. The media dubbed him ‘Blonde Bond’ and claimed he wasn’t right for the part. 

Of course, once Casino Royale was released, Daniel was universally praised for his portrayal of James Bond and he went on to play the character four more times (in the films Quantum of Solace, Skyfall, Spectre and No Time To Die). In fact, now Daniel is generally regarded as one of, if not, the best Bond. 

daniel craig

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