Here’s everything you need to know about Australia’s 2024 Olympic Boxing Team

As well as how we’ve performed in the sport at previous Olympics…

The Olympic Games, a global spectacle of athletic prowess and national pride, brings together the world’s finest athletes every four years.

Among the many sports showcased, boxing holds a special place, having been a staple of the modern Olympics since 1904.

Boxing tests competitors’ strength, strategy, and endurance in a series of bouts across various weight classes.

As the Paris 2024 Olympics unfold, Australia’s boxing team aims to make its mark on the world stage… So here’s what you need to know.

Who’s on the Australian Olympics team for boxing this year?

There are 12 Australians representing the country in boxing this year at the Olympics:

  • Caitlin Parker (Women’s 75kg)
  • Callum Peters (Men’s 80kg)
  • Charlie Senior (Men’s 57kg)
  • Harry Garside (Men’s 63.5kg)
  • Marissa Williamson Pohlman (Women’s 66kg)
  • Monique Suraci (Women’s 50kg)
  • Shannan Davey (Men’s 71kg)
  • Teremoana Teremoana (Men’s +92kg)
  • Tiana Echegaray (Women’s 54kg)
  • Tina Rahimi (Women’s 57kg)
  • Tyla McDonald (Women’s 60kg)
  • Yusuf Chothia (Men’s 51kg)

Is Harry Garside in the Olympics?

Yes, as aforementioned, Harry Garside – who came second during the ninth season of I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here! – is going to the Paris 2024 Olympics for boxing.

How is Australia doing at the Paris 2024 Olympics in boxing?

Watch this space for this year’s results.

How many Olympic medals has Australia won previously for boxing?

Australia has sadly never won a Gold medal for boxing. We have won 2 Silver medals and 4 Bronze medals though:

  • Reginald ‘Snowy’ Baker won Silver at the London 1908 games
  • Kevin Hogarth won Bronze at the Melbourne 1956 games
  • Anthony Madigan won Bronze at the Rome 1960 games
  • Oliver Taylor also won Bronze at the Rome 1960 games
  • Grahame Cheney won Silver at the Seoul 1988 games
  • Harry Garside won Bronze at the Tokyo 2020 games

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