King Charles congratulates the newly crowned King Frederik and Queen Mary

“I look forward to working with you…”

Overnight, Crown Prince Frederik and his wife, Australian-born Princess Mary, were crowned King and Queen of Denmark.

Obviously, Australians are simply thrilled that a woman from little old Tasmania is now the Queen of a European country, and have been sharing non-stop messages of congratulations online.

But Aussies aren’t the only ones to send their support to Mary and Frederik. King Charles III and Queen Camilla have also congratulated the newly crowned couple.

king frederik and queen mary
Frederik and Mary have now been crowned King and Queen of Denmark.

“Your Majesties, my wife joins me in writing to convey our very best wishes on the day of your accession to the throne of the Kingdom of Denmark,” Charles wrote in a statement released by Buckingham Palace.

“I look forward to working with you on ensuring that the enduring bond between our countries, and our families, remains strong, and to working together with you on issues which matter so much for our countries and the wider world.”

The King of England then commended Queen Margrethe II for her 52-year reign before reiterating how much he looks forward to working with Frederik and Mary.

“I pay tribute to the many years of service of your mother, Her Majesty Queen Magrethe II, and remember fondly the frequent visits between our countries, including our visit to Copenhagen and Elsinore in 2012.

king charles and queen camilla
King Charles and Queen Camilla have congratulated King Frederik and Queen Mary.

“I was delighted that Your Majesties were able to attend our coronation last year and I much look forward to future opportunities to celebrate the close connection that unites our countries and our families.”

As Frederik and Mary didn’t have a coronation – they partook in a much shorter and more modest ‘proclamation’ ceremony – Charles and Camilla were not present when the new monarchs were crowned.

However, it’s clear from Charles’ message that he and Camilla are keen to meet and work with Frederik and Mary as soon as possible.

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