Fresh and floral, here are the best summer perfumes

Find your perfect companion for a beach day.

Summer is the time for SPF, florals, water, mangoes, flowy skirts, books, picnics, and friends. On a less glamorous note, it’s also the time for perspiration and oily skin. That’s why summer perfumes with long-lasting and oil-reducing ingredients are ideal for warmer weather.

“When it comes to summer scents, you may want something light, fresh and airy like florals, citrus, tropical fruits and aquatic notes,” says Natalia Zimmer, co-founder of Zimmer Parfum.
In colder weather, we tend to favour more subtle, warm and woody scents. But, as we know, our skin reacts to heat. We sweat more and we produce more oil.

So, are there perfume ingredients better suited for summer? Yes, it turns out.
“Citrus like mandarin, lime and bergamot is great for reducing oiliness and can maintain their lightness and freshness,” says Natalia. But don’t go crazy and bathe yourself in the scent, thinking it will keep the perfume on for longer. Not only is this unnecessary, it can also cause headaches or other reactions from yourself or bystanders. There are other ways to ensure your perfume sticks to your skin all day.

“Switching to an EDP (Eau de Parfum) over an EDT (Eau de Toilette) can generally help as there is a higher oil concentration in EDP,” Naralia explains.
This is not a set rule though, she adds. “It comes down to fragrance notes, ingredients, your body chemistry and how it reacts with the perfume.

“It is not as easy as changing the oil concentration to a higher percentage, as this doesn’t equate to a fragrance lasting all day, and changing the oil concentration will likely change the scent altogether.”

Other tips, according to Natalia? Stay moisturised; spray, don’t rub (it removes the top notes); spray on your clothes as well as your skin.

If you’re looking for a new summer perfume, here are some of the best:


Goldfield & Banks, Pacific Rock Moss


This perfume has a refreshing sea spray scent of ocean waves hitting the rocks on a summer day.


Jo Loves, Mango Thai Lime


Mangos + Summer = the perfect combination. With pepper and lime, this is a tropical twist on a classic citrus-based fragrance. 


Giorgio Armani, Si


With blackcurrant nectar, modern chypre, touches of freesia and rose, this perfume is chic, sultry, intense, and soft. Perfect for a summer night out.


Recreation Beauty, Sun-Kissed


With citrus, fig, sandalwood and musk, this perfume is the perfect addition to your day at the beach.


Replica, Beach Walk


As the name suggest, this perfume is perfect for summer. Notes of bergamot, heliotrope, and coconut milk make this fresh fragrance the ideal companion for a stroll along the ocean.


Coach, Floral EDP


Imagine a field of wildflowers. This fruity and floral perfume has notes with crystal musks, perfect for a feminine, free spirit.


Zimmer, Strange Paradise


Exotic pineapple and coconut are balanced against white florals and a hint of ginger to create a smooth and balmy scent.

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