Looking for a summer hair update? It’s time to go natural

Easy and low-maintenance is on trend - just the way we like it!

With winter finally behind us, it’s time to assemble our summer clothes and take advantage of the beach. The sun means swimsuits, dresses and, of course, SPF. But it also means it’s time for trendy summer hairstyles.

Our hair changes depending on the weather. As temperatures heat up and we begin to sweat more, the number of times we wash our hair per week is bound to increase. It’s also more common to choose hairstyles that keep our hair out of our face – because no one enjoys that unpleasant sticky feeling.

“The sun’s intense UV rays can lead to increased dryness, colour fading, and increased vulnerability to breakage,” says Jaye Edwards, Founder and Director of Edwards and Co hair studio.

“Higher temperatures and humidity levels can also contribute to frizz, making hair harder to manage. When swimming, chlorine in pools and saltwater at the beach can strip natural oils from your hair, leaving it dry and brittle. Additionally, increased sweat and oil production during summer can make hair appear greasier. To combat these effects, consider using UV-protective products, anti-frizz serums, and deep conditioning treatments, while also switching to sulphate-free shampoos and conditioners.”

So, now that the weather is heating up, what will everyone be doing with their hair? Here are the cute summer hairstyles and trends for 2023.

Beautiful girl with long red hair, braided with a French braid, in a beauty salon. Professional hair care and creating hairstyles.

“I predict people will lean towards embracing their natural hair colour, or even a step beyond,” says Jaye.

“While this doesn’t necessarily mean we will see a decline in appointments for professional colouring, I think there will be a clear shift towards embracing a “lived-in” aesthetic or opting for more delicate techniques like baby lights within the realm of foil applications, as opposed to bold and extensive colour transformations. Low maintenance, but still looking put together will be the goal.”

What are some cool summer hairstyles for short hair?

“A long bob, or lob, gives you the best of both worlds,” says Jaye. “It’s a shorter style that still gives the individual versatility to try different styles. The lob is a look that works in any season and is ideal for those who may not want a lot of length, but also don’t want to go any shorter than their collarbone or shoulders. 

“Funnily enough, short hair can sometimes be more maintenance than long hair in terms of styling.”

What about hairstyles for long hair this summer?

“Slicked back pony or bun,” says Jaye. “Tip: Opt for a leave-in conditioning hair mask to keep your hair looking slick and neat, but still enjoying the benefits of a moisturising hair mask while you’re on-the-go.

“Heatless curls are trending, and this can be achieved in multiple ways, i.e., plaits, braids or heatless curling tools which are available to buy online.

“Layers will change how your hair sits and the different texture will make you feel like you are doing more with your hair, i.e., creating more movement and bounce.

“Regardless of if you have short hair or long hair, I think this summer we will see more people working with that they have and minimising heat styling where possible for easy summer hairstyles.”

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