Your ultimate guide to applying cream blush

The 'glowy look' is in.

Blush, more than any other makeup product, continues to have renaissances. Likely invented by the Ancient Egyptians, rouge has been around for a while. It was favoured in Shang Dynasty China, and by the 18th Century English upper class. The roaring 20s saw blush make a comeback as women pursued youth. And it’s no secret that the audacious 80s loved a bright cheek. In the early 2010s, bronzer was championed in makeup routines. Now, we have rediscovered the power of blush to tie a face together. And with a recent emphasis on “glowy” makeup trends, nothing gets the job done quite like cream blush.

What is cream blush?

Blush is a cosmetic colouring product designed to mimic the natural flush of your cheeks. Unlike powder-based rouges, cream blush has a soft and buttery consistency.

Which shade suits my skin tone?

Different undertones will change the appearance of blush on your cheeks. That’s why it’s so important to choose rouges that complement your natural features. A tip from Rare Beauty’s ANZ Pro Artist Ellysa Hirst is to match your blush with your lip colour!

  • For fair skin with cool or pink undertones, opt for soft pinks for a natural look, and peach or coral for a bright look. Vice versa for warm or yellow undertones.
  • For medium skin with cool or pink undertones, opt for mauve or rich pink for a natural look, and deep peach for bright look. Vice versa for warm or yellow undertones.
  • For dark skin with cool or pink undertones, opt for light berry or fuschia for a natural look, and tangerine for a bright look. Vice versa for warm or yellow undertones. 

Smudged red purple pink textured tint or lipstick on multi-colored pink background.

How to apply cream blush over foundation

When applying, you can either use your best brush for cream blush, a sponge, or your fingers. “Personally, I find that using your fingers melts the product into the skin and gives a beautiful natural finish,” says Ellysa.

  • You can use your best brush for cream blush, but your fingers are the preferred method as they’re much less fiddly! Dab a dot of product high on your cheekbone, towards the outer edge of the eye. If your face is a long, oval shape then you can apply the product directly to the apples of your cheeks to help balance your face shape. 
  • If using your fingers, tap in the cream blush with your ring finger (this uses the least pressure). Work your way up towards the temple, then across the cheekbone towards the apples of the cheeks. The majority of the blush should sit high on the mid-to-outer cheekbone, this will help create a lengthening effect. Avoid smiling when applying the product as the blush will sit too low; this has an ageing effect as it draws focus downward.
  • If you have any left-over product on your finger, tap this across the bridge of your nose (the bony part) for a sun-blushed effect, and ensure it’s well blended.

Many people wonder if you put blush on before or after foundation. The answer? It’s personal preference. The good thing about cream blush is that it is easier than powder to apply before or after foundation, or even without. If you apply it beforehand, it can help to tone down your cheeks – this is ideal if you’re after a natural look.

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