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Carrie Bradshaw’s iconic tutu is heading to auction

Whilst the tutu originally only cost $5, it's expected to sell for much, much more.

Sex and the City fans, get your cheque books out!

A US-based auction house is giving collectors a chance to own pieces of television and pop culture history.

Julien’s Auction House is auctioning off Carrie Bradshaw’s iconic tutu as well as other pieces worn by the likes of Princess Diana, Whitney Houston, Grace Kelly and Elizabeth Taylor.

The tutu, which is worn by Sarah Jessica Parker as Carrie Bradshaw, appears in the show’s opening credits.

The Carrie Bradshaw tutu from Sex and the City

Though the show’s costume designer, Patricia Field once revealed that the skirt only cost her five dollars from a bargain bin, this piece of television history is expected to fetch at least $12,000.

In a recent interview with Associated Press, Patricia talked about how the Carrie Bradshaw tutu came to be.

“I can’t stop seeing tutus! Years go by and there’s always tutus on the rack. I saw this (skirt) in the showroom, and I pulled it out of a basket on the floor and I immediately thought of Sarah Jessica because she’s ballet trained and she’s also fashionable. She’ll understand this,” Patricia said.

“She’s not going to treat this with a pair of ballet slippers. She’s going to put on a pair of spiky heels and have this little thing. And I said, ‘Darren (showrunner Darren Star) if it’s a hit – and I think it will be – that tutu will be classic through time.’”

As well as the tutu, the John Galliano-era Dior newspaper dress popularised by Sex and the City is also up for grabs and is expected to be snapped up for at least $12,000.

Also appearing in the auction is a black velvet Catherine Walker cocktail dress worn by Princess Diana in the ‘90s and is estimated to go for $150,000.

The coveted items up for auction are a part of the Unstoppable: Signature Styles, Iconic Women in Fashion collection. According to Martin Nolan, executive director and co-founder of Julien’s auctions, the collection celebrates “the great ladies of Hollywood” as per The Hollywood Reporter.

Some of the rarer pieces in the collection also include a Yves Saint Laurent gown with a striking blue velvet sash. The gown was worn by Audrey Hepburn to the christening of her son, Luca Dotti in 1970. Julien’s Auction House estimates this particular piece will fetch $15,000.

Another piece of old Hollywood glamour going up for grabs is a stunning green Givenchy ensemble which was worn by Grace Kelly. The actress-turned-princess wore it in 1961 to the White House with Prince Rainier to meet President John F. Kennedy and First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy.

President and Mrs.. Kennedy pose with Prince Rainier and Princess Grace at a reception at the White House.
Grace Kelly’s Givenchy tweed ensemble she wore to meet the President will be auctioned off.

The charming ensemble includes a tweed dress, a shawl and a floral bonnet.

“What we find with fashion collectors is that they aren’t necessarily interested in costumes or Hollywood stuff, but they’ll buy important fashion, especially when it’s worn by a true icon,” Nolan tells The Hollywood Reporter.

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