EXCLUSIVE: Delta Goodrem shares how she and fiancé Matthew Copley will celebrate Christmas

The holidays are dear to Delta’s heart; it’s why she’s bringing back her Christmas special for the fourth time.

It’s been a big year for Delta Goodrem.

She celebrated the 20th anniversary of her debut album Innocent Eyes with eight sold-out shows around the country.

Not to mention she embarked on her first-ever headlining tour in the UK and Europe, Hearts On the Run.

Oh, and she played leading lady Dana in the successful Netflix film Love is in the Air.

And yet, despite accomplishing so much in 2023, when The Weekly catches up with Delta, she’s refreshingly humble, sounding like any other Australian frantically prepping for the holidays.

delta goodrem christmas special
Christmas is Delta’s favourite holiday.

“I’m trying to get so much done before the end of the year… I was texting my sister-in-law earlier. ‘Just checking in on my brother,’ you know, trying to figure out what he wants for Christmas,” the singer shares with a laugh.

Of course, Christmas is dear to Delta’s heart. It’s why she’s bringing back her Christmas special for the fourth time.

And according to the 39-year-old, this year’s Christmas with Delta is the best one yet.

“Every year it keeps getting bigger and better. It’s such a passion of mine, getting to do the Christmas show. I, for years, had this concept and idea to kind of bring the show to life, so it’s just been so lovely to see the show evolve and become what it’s – hopefully – becoming: a great Aussie Christmas tradition.”

Slated to air on Channel Nine on December 17 at 7pm, the special was recorded in front of a live audience back in November.

But for those who didn’t see it live and are waiting to see it on telly, we should warn you: more than a few special guests make appearances during the show.

delta goodrem christmas special
This year’s Christmas with Delta features some seriously special guests.

Russell Crowe, for instance. The Oscar-winner joined Delta on stage to perform a festive duet, as did Robbie Williams, John Stevens, Kate Ceberano and David Campbell – just to name a few!

“Russell’s an icon. And Robbie Williams is an icon; they’re just such incredible talents,” she says of working with them.

Stellar guest stars aren’t the only drawcard of this year’s Christmas with Delta though.

Delta was able to become a real-life Santa Claus during the show, thanks to her and the Delta Goodrem Foundation’s Community of Kindness Christmas Campaign – which launched in October.

Essentially, Delta invited everyone to engage in simple acts of kindness, to spread Christmas cheer ahead of the holidays, and asked that those acts of kindness be shared with her… So she could reward those who had gone above and beyond.

“We were able to give some really lovely giveaways on the Christmas Special to deserving families who had been nominated for being kind to their community. It was just a really beautiful part of the show.”

delta goodrem christmas special
Delta launched her Community of Kindness Christmas Campaign so she could give back to deserving families.

Aside from the many professional accomplishments Delta achieved this year, 2023 was also a special year for her in regards to her personal life.

After six years of dating, Delta’s partner Matthew Copley popped the question in September.

“My best friend asked me to marry him,” she announced on Instagram at the time.

When The Weekly congratulates Delta on her engagement, she says, “Thank you,” with a coy giggle – the singer understandably likes to keep her private life private.

However, Delta does share how she and Matthew plan to spend Christmas Day.

“Christmas is all about family. I’ll have my nieces and nephews running around, and everybody’s just going to be relaxing and enjoying themselves; just a very traditional Christmas. You know, going for a swim and playing some cricket out the back,” she says before adding:

delta goodrem and fiance matthew copley
Delta will be spending Christmas with her fiancé Matthew Copley.

“And eating a lot.”

She and Matt will also be watching a few Christmas movies; we ask which one’s her favourite and she ponders for a moment.

“I put it on the other day, Miracle on 34th Street… The 1994 version, I love that one. And Elf’s great,” she says before gasping and backtracking immediately.

“No! I’m sorry, the best Christmas movies are The Santa Clause films with Tim Allen. One, two and three. I reckon they’re the best.”

Christmas with Delta will air on Sunday, December 17 at 7pm on Channel 9 and 9Now.

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