EXCLUSIVE: Denise Drysdale chats all things I’m A Celeb before she heads to the jungle

The two-time Gold Logie winner is officially entering the camp…

This year’s I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! Australia is beginning to ramp up.

Case in point: An intruder has just entered the camp.

And it’s none other than two-time Gold Logie winner Denise Drysdale!

But before the television presenter flew to the jungle and joined the other 2024 I’m A Celeb contestants, Denise sat down with The Weekly

Read our full I’m A Celeb interview with Denise Drysdale below:

The Weekly: Any fears that you’re worried you’ll have to face in the I’m A Celeb jungle?

Denise: All of it; isn’t it all of it? I mean, there’s so many things that they can do to you. So you’ve just got to be ready to go, you know?

If you could bring any one item to the jungle, what would you bring?
denise drysdale

If I could bring anything, I’d be bringing vinegar… Lettuce, tomato, Strass, beetroot and Kraft cheese with salt and pepper and malt vinegar, and I’m in heaven. And I have vinegar on chips. So it’s vinegar. And lemons. I’m going to miss that.

Who are you most excited to connect with in the jungle; perhaps Tristan, a fellow Studio 10 alumni?

Yeah, Tristan, of course, because I know him. And also Khan, I met him last year when I did The Women’s Weekly Christmas Show; he was there as the chef. And we were mucking around, carrying on like two pork chops and we had such a good time. So I’m really looking forward to catching up with him; it’ll be fantastic.

How did your family react to the news of you committing to I’m A Celeb?

[They said,] ‘Just for God’s sake. Don’t hurt yourself.’

Speaking of not hurting yourself, do you have a strategy for the jungle?

Well no, because whatever they give me; you’ve got to give it a go. You can’t just not do it. If I do the Bushtucker Trial, I would feel so guilty if I didn’t give it a red hot go because [the other contestants] are relying on that for their food. I’m just going to try and not whinge.

Is the Bushtucker Trial the thing you’re most apprehensive about?


denise drysdale
Worst case scenario, what would they give you?

Oh, I don’t know. I’m just going to try and pretend it all tastes like chicken.

What are you looking forward to most about the jungle?

Coming out with some mates. Like watching the show, which I do, I always think it’s lovely the way that [the contestants] just look after each other.

Last year, Kerri-Anne Kennerley had it written into her I’m A Celeb contract that she was allowed to bring make-up to the jungle; have you got any sort of special allowances written into your contract?

Not really. No. I do get to take my pills though. So I’ve got everything for every emergency. So I’ve got antibiotics. I’ve got itchy cream – you name it and I’ve got it.

You’ve done some pretty wild things on TV during your career. Where would you rank going on I’m A Celeb?

At the top. I don’t think it’s going to be something that sits in the middle. It’s either going to be absolutely fabulous or absolutely awful.

denise drysdale i'm a celeb
Has your longtime best friend Jessica Rowe given you any advice for the jungle?

She just [said], ‘For God’s sake, don’t hurt yourself.’

Do you think Jess would ever go to the jungle?

No. I don’t think Pete [Overton, Jess’ husband] wants her to.

What charity are you competing for and why?

Gotcha 4 Life. It’s [a charity for] men’s mental health. Recently, my son lost one of his friends from school and it’s been very hard. And the man who runs Gotcha 4 Life, Gus, he lost his best mate. And he was so upset that he hadn’t noticed that there was something wrong.

So I thought men’s health. We talk about women’s health all the time, but men just don’t – they just put it on the back burner.

And lastly, what do you hope Australia learns about you from your time on the show?

That I’m just a nice person. What you see is what you get. I do try to be nice. I really do.

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