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Forget Ted Lasso, Hannah Waddingham’s Rebecca is the star of the show

And mainly because of her impeccable wardrobe…
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Now that the Apple TV+ series Ted Lasso has officially finished for good, we’re looking back fondly on the wholesome Emmy Award-winning show.

And we have to point out that Rebecca Welton, played by Hannah Waddingham, has a seriously stylish wardrobe.

In every single episode across all three seasons, Rebecca looks effortlessly classy and put together; even when (spoiler!) she ends up wearing a stranger’s dress after falling into a canal in Amsterdam…

In honour of Rebecca, we’ve rounded up the character’s best outfits as well as where you can purchase similar items so you can emulate Rebecca in real life…

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Is this outfit simple? Yes. But it’s also a classic combination that’ll never go out of style! You can seriously not look stylish while wearing a white shirt, black pencil skirt and creamy blush-coloured coat.

You can purchase white shirts from Myer or The Iconic.

You can purchase black pencil skirts from Myer, The Iconic or Forcast.

You can purchase blush coats from Myer or The Iconic.

Again, a red bodycon dress is a timeless look. Channel your inner Rebecca by getting a similar dress to the one she wore from either David Jones or Pretty Little Thing.

This yellow blouse and grey skirt combo is seriously inspired. Copy the look by purchasing a yellow blouse from Myer or The Iconic and a grey skirt from Myer or The Iconic.

Rebecca clearly loved wearing hats; probably because she knew that hats make the perfect finishing touch on more casual outfits. Get yourself a chic hat from either Will & Bear, Myer or The Iconic.

Okay, this outfit was technically worn by Keeley Jones first but Rebecca recreated it in a more elegant way. Grab yourself a white top, black trousers and camel-coloured coat if you too want to copy Keeley’s look but with Rebecca’s classy take on it.

You can purchase white tops from Myer or The Iconic.

You can purchase black trousers from Myer or The Iconic.

You can purchase a camel-coloured coat from Myer or The Iconic.

In the very first episode of Ted Lasso, when we were introduced to Rebecca, she was wearing a lovely, silky, burnt-orange blouse with a black pencil skirt. Then in a sweet nod, in the final episode of Ted Lasso, Rebecca wore the same blouse again.

This blouse from LilySilk is practically identical if you want one of your own…

Rebecca is the owner of AFC Richmond football club so she obviously has some Richmond merchandise that she layers over her impeccable outfits from time to time… Get your official Richmond merch from the Warner Brothers shop.

Stream Ted Lasso now on Apple TV+ with a 7 day FREE trial. Subscribe here.

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