The hardest working British royal for 2022 has been revealed

New data has revealed not only who's the hardest working royal, but also who's worked the least...
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Being a royal can be seen as a life of luxury; with mountains of wealth, notoriety and respect, but it is also a full time job, and a hard one at that.

The British Royal Family are expected to front the public for countless engagements; from building diplomatic ties, to being ambassadors for charities, they are kept very busy.

On top of all the events attended in the United Kingdom are the royal tours overseas that see the monarch’s paraded around as they follow a fully packed itinerary to ensure maximise public exposure.

And despite the loss of Queen Elizabeth II this year, this hasn’t slowed down many of the key figures of the British monarchy, who continue to serve the public.

But some members of ‘The Firm’ take the job more seriously than others, as data of all of 2022’s royal engagements have been collated by The Court Circular to deliver a list of the hardest – and least hardest – working British royals this year.

The British royals are kept very busy with engagements.

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Proving to be mother’s daughter, Princess Anne has topped the 2022 list of hardest working British royals, with a total of 214 engagements that were fronted by the 72-year-old.

Undeterred by her mother’s death, her duty to serve the British public has always been a high priority and has made her an incredibly well-loved member of the royal family.

Unsurprisingly, Princess Anne has been named the most hard-working out of the royal family.

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Whilst the newly crowned King didn’t get the number one spot, King Charles III did beyond his fair share of work, as he placed second in the list of hardest working royals, with a total of 181 engagements attended.

It’s been a busy year for the late Queen Elizabeth’s eldest son, so here’s hoping that once he’s delivered his first King’s address on Christmas Day, he can get some rest in!

King Charles has fronted 181 engagements in an official capacity this year.

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Not quite working at the same capacity as his older siblings, Prince Edward, Earl of Wessex and his wife, Sophie, Countess of Wessex, were still giving their all to their royal duties, as they made 143 (Edward) and 138 (Sophie) appearances at engagements throughout 2022.

Included in the Earl and Countesses official engagements was the royal tour of Ireland in June, which was apart of Queen Elizabeth II’s platinum jubilee celebrations.

Prince Edward and his wife Sophie may have teenaged children, but they still ensured they fulfilled their royal duties in 2022.

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We have always known William, Prince of Wales to be very giving to the public and his loyalty to the monarchy hasn’t waned in 2022.

Despite having three young children and dealing with personal (that have become public) issues with his brother, Prince Harry, the eldest son of King Charles hasn’t been deterred from attending engagements, as he fronted 126 this year, placing him fifth on the list of hardest working royals.

His wife, Catherine, Princess of Wales, placed lower down the list in ninth, with 90 engagements attended. However, we can still be sure that the Duchess did more than her fair share of royal work this year. In just the past month alone she has travelled to the States with William and hosted the ‘Royal Carols: Together at Christmas’ event.

The Prince and Princess of Wales went above and beyond with their royal duties in 2022.

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So who placed last? In the list of 11 royals, Princess Alexandra, The Honourable Lady Ogilvy took 11th place. However, she attended 44 public engagements this year, and at the age of 85, we see that as commendable!

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