The hardest working British royal for 2023 has been revealed

Talk about dedication! The royal in question attended 457 engagements…

The results are officially in; the hardest working British royal for 2023 has been revealed.

For the third year running, Princess Anne has taken the top spot.

According to data collated from The Court Circular, the Princess Royal attended 457 engagements this year.

hardest working royal 2023 princess anne

That averages out to be eight events a week.

Royal commentator Dickie Arbiter, who was press spokesman for the late Queen Elizabeth from 1988 until 2000, praised Princess Anne for her efforts and told The Telegraph, “She just gets on with it, often carrying out multiple engagements in one day.”

Following Anne was her older brother, King Charles. His Majesty attended 425 royal engagements in 2023.

second hardest working royal 2023 king charles

Although, as Mr Arbiter pointed out, many of the royal duties Charles’ carried out this year aren’t technically classified as ‘engagements’, which explains why he came in second place.

“Of course much of what the King does is behind the scenes, in meetings and going through his red boxes, which doesn’t warrant a mention in the Court Circular.”

Coming in as the third hardest working royal for 2023 is Prince Edward – the Duke of Edinburgh attended 297 engagements (including one that brought him to Australia last month.)

princess catherine and prince william

Queen Camilla came fourth with 233 engagements and Sophie, Duchess of Edinburgh came fifth with 219 engagements.

Prince William snagged tied-sixth place on the 2023 list of hardest working royal; he and Prince Richard, Duke of Gloucester both attended 172 engagements.

Following them was Princess Catherine; the Princess of Wales attended 123 royal engagements this year.

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