Everything you need to know about the Norwegian Royal Family

Including all the current members you'll want to keep an eye on.

The Royal House of Norway may not be the first royal family that comes to mind, but their history and modern ties within Europe are undoubtedly intriguing.

It seems with the current health crisis within the British Royal Family, and the recent ascension of King Frederik to the Danish thrown; the public’s focus has begun to turn to lesser-known royals for their news and style inspiration.

So of course, we thought it would be the perfect time to introduce you to the Norwegian Royal Family.

Who are the Norwegian Royal Family?

Although the Norwegian monarchy has existed for over 1000 years, the current Royal House of Norway belongs to the House of Glücksburg.

Before the House of Glücksburg, Norway and Denmark sat under a singular monarch for over 400 years. However, after the Napoleonic Wars their union ended. Shortly after, Norway formed a union with Sweden. This agreement saw them retain their independence and move forward with a shared king and foreign policy.

This merger ended in 1905 after a referendum when Norway offered Danish-born Prince Carl and UK-born Princess Maud the throne.

The Prince and Princess were an ideal choice as their European ties and two-year-old son Alexander ensured a strong start and lineage for the newly independent country.

The new King of Norway officially changed his name to Haakon and his son took on the name Olav.

Who is the current King of Norway?

King Harald V is the current ruling King of Noway. He was the third son of King Olav and Princess Märtha of Sweden.

His Majesty acceded to the throne in January 1991 after his father’s passing.

Today, at the age of 87, King Harald is Europe’s oldest reigning monarch.

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Who will inherit the Norwegian throne?

Crown Prince Haakon of Norway is the son of King Harald V and Queen Sonja, and heir to the throne.

His Royal Highness is married to Crown Princess Mette-Marit with whom he shares two children, Princess Ingrid Alexandra
and Prince Sverre Magnus.

ASKER, NORWAY- MAY 17:  (NORWAY OUT) Crown Prince Haakon attends the traditional morning children's parade, at  his home, Skaugum, in Asker, near Oslo, on Norway's National Day, on May 17, 2016 in Oslo, Norway. (Photo by Julian Parker/UK Press via Getty Images)
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Who are the current members of the Norwegian Royal Family

Besides King Harald V and his heir Crown Prince Haakon, there are several other members of the royal family of importance.

Queen Sonja

Queen Sonja, born Sonja Haraldsen, is married to King Harald V of Norway.

The royal couple met in 1959 but were not permitted to marry until nine years later due to Sonja’s status as a commoner.

Queen Sonja shares two children with King Harald V, Crown Prince Haakon and Her Highness Princess Märtha Louise.

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Crown Princess Mette-Marit

Born Mette-Marit, Her Royal Highness is the wife of Crown Prince Haakon. The pair were married in 2001 after dealing with intense public scrutiny due to her seemingly middle-class upbringing, divorce, and young son, Marius Borg Høiby.

Prince Haakon and Princess Mette-Marit are still very much together and in love and share two more children, Princess Ingrid Alexandra.

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Princess Ingrid Alexandra

Princess Ingrid Alexander is the eldest child of Princess Mette-Marit and Prince Haakon, and second in line for the Norwegian throne.

The twenty-year-old princess’ godparents are King Felipe of Spain, King Frederik of Denmark, Princess Victoria of Sweden, and Princess Märtha Louise of Norway, all of whom were in attendance at her 2019 confirmation.

Her Royal Highness will begin her formal independent royal engagements in the years to come.

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Prince Sverre Magnus

Prince Sverre Magnus is the second child of Crown Princess Mette-Marit and Crown Prince Haakon, and third in line for the throne.

The eighteen-year-old was confirmed in 2020. His royal godparents Queen Máxima of the Netherlands, Crown Prince Pavlos of Greece, Princess Rosario of Bulgaria, and grandmother Queen Sonja, were in attendance.

His Highness currently attends the Elvebakken Upper Secondary School in Oslo.

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Princess Märtha Louise.

Princess Märtha Louise is the daughter of King Harald and Queen Sonja, and Crown Prince Haakon’s elder sister.

Her Highness shares three daughters with her ex-husband Ari Behn, and lives with her girls just outside of Oslo.

In 2022 it was announced that the Princess had found love again and was engaged to her partner Durek Verrett.

Although she no longer carries out any official royal duties, Princess Märtha Louise is still a very much loved member of the Norwegian Royal Family.

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