Winter makeup essentials you need for the colder months

Stay radiant and hydrated…

When it comes to skincare, as a general rule, take everything you use in summer and make it a million times more hydrating. This is because in the colder months, our skin needs much more moisture to feel good.

And while our focus is usually on skincare swaps, a few tweaks to our beauty regimen can make all the difference. Plus, it’s a good chance to embrace new textures, shades and formulas.

Read on to see what you absolutely must-have when it comes to winter makeup…

A tinted balm

A balm may seem the most basic beauty buy until your lips start crying for moisture at the first hint of cold weather.

What does tinted balm do?

These nourishing formulas prevent dry lips by creating a protective barrier, all while delivering a hint of colour.

Which is the best lip balm with tint?

To let your natural lips shine through, use By Terry Baume De Rose, $86; it saw our lips through the harshest European winter without complaint.

For more colour, you can’t go past Lanolips Tinted Balms, $14.95, in gorgeous shades like rose and rhubarb.

And if you can’t give up the lippy feeling, opt for a super moisturising balm-hybrid like Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Lip Protectant Stick Sheer Tint SPF 15, $32, or the luxe Dior Addict Lip Glow Lip Balm, $62.

WATCH: Priyanka Chopra’s Berry Winter Makeup Look (Article continues after video)

A hydrating base

We used to switch to matte makeup in winter because skin can handle a heavier base in the cooler months. But with the rise of makeup with skincare benefits, and our desire to filter rather than blanket, the strategy has changed.

What tinted moisturiser should I use?

For those who like to see their skin through their base – and don’t need pigment to even out skin-tone – a tinted moisturiser will hydrate and flatter without covering too much.

What does a hydrating primer do?

As there’s less light in winter, skin can appear dull, so opt for a hydrating base (like Giorgio Armani Neo Nude Foundation, $75) or smooth a luminous primer (like Charlotte Tilbury Wonderglow, $76) under your favourite foundation. Just wait a minute or two between steps to ensure the formulas play nicely together.

A face mist

This may be something you would be more likely to reach for in summer, but don’t underestimate the power of a nutrient-packed mist to help skin hydration-levels remain high throughout the day.

Are hydrating face mists good?

The great thing about a mist is that it will refresh without messing with your makeup. Try Ciaté London Watermelon Burst Setting Spray, $36.

Hold the formula about 15 cm from your face and spritz. Allow to sit for a minute before blotting excess away. Can be used before and after applying makeup.

A cream blush

Every makeup artist we’ve ever spoken to can reduce their winter makeup advice to two words: avoid powders. The reason?

Your summer glow is gone, as is the humidity that gives skin a sheen. In winter, our complexions become drier, and powder only draws attention to rough, flaky skin.

Is cream blush better for your skin?

A dewy blush, on the other hand, gives your face an instant radiance and makes skin look well hydrated. Handily, many formulas also have skincare ingredients that boost hydration, delivering colour and comfort.

A hair oil

For many of us, as the humidity level drops, so does the fluffy, puffy, flicky hair. And so, as our hair returns to normal, we relish the chance to ignore it a little.

However, less moisture in the air might seem to help hair at first, but as with skin, you may notice your strands looking limp and lacklustre as winter trudges on.

What is the best way to de-frizz hair?

The easiest fix is to replace your de-frizzing formulas with a hair oil that will smooth hair without weighing it down. The gorgeous sheen and scent is just a bonus.

A waterproof mascara

Perhaps winter turns us all into goldfish: it’s the only explanation for why it seems that every time the mercury drops we forget about the pesky eye-watering.

And it inevitably takes one day spent looking like a panda before we remember that all important switch from garden-variety to waterproof variety.

What is a good waterproof mascara?

We love that Clinique’s High Impact Waterproof Mascara, $48, is extremely high quality but also safe enough for sensitive eyes.

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