Everything we know about the film adaptation of The Magic Faraway Tree

This magical Enid Blyton series is about to hit the big screen.

We may have had to wait almost 80 years, but we’re finally going to see the magical adventures of Joe, Beth and Frannie play out on the big screen.

That’s right, The Magic Faraway Tree movie is about to begin production.

For most children across the UK and Australia, Enid Blyton’s collections were a staple in most home libraries.

And whether you grew up dreaming of adventure with the Famous Five, or feared the wind may change while pulling a funny face thanks to The Adventures of the Wishing Chair, we’ll bet you’re as ecstatic as us to find out all that childhood wonder is about to be brought to life.

Continue reading for everything we know so far about The Magic Faraway Tree film.

Enid Blyton sitting in her garden in Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire. (Credit: Getty Images)
Enid Blyton sitting in her garden in Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire. (Credit: Getty Images)

Who wrote The Magic Faraway Tree?

English children’s author Enid Blyton wrote the original Faraway Tree trilogy in 1939.

Almost 85 years later, this childhood classic series is going to be getting the Wonka treatment, with BAFTA winner Simon Farnaby behind the adaptation. Simon is also the mastermind behind Paddington 2.

Directing the film will be Ben Gregor who is behind such series as Cuckoo and Doc Martin.

Andrew Garfield and Claire Foy cast in The Magic Faraway Tree film adaption.
(Credit: Getty Images)

Who has been cast in The Magic Faraway Tree?

The first casting news the public received was the announcement of Claire Foy and Andrew Garfield being key players in the adaptation. Andrew is well known for his role as Spiderman, and Claire for her portrayal of a young Queen Elizabeth in The Crown. The pair will play Polly and Tim, the parents of leading characters Beth, Joe and Fran.

Speaking about the decision to cast Claire and Andrew, Simon Farnaby referred to it as a “dream”.

“I have long admired their warmth, wit and lightness of touch. Plus they have the power to imbue their characters’ complexities that I don’t have the power to write… I mean, even Enid Blyton might be impressed we got Spider-Man and the Queen.”

In addition to Claire and Andrew, it has been announced that Nonso Anozie will portray the nostalgic character of Moonface, Bridgerton’s Nicola Coughlan will play Silky the fairy, and Baby Reindeer star Jessica Gunning has been cast as Dame Washalot.

While the roles of Beth, Joe, and Fran have yet to be revealed, watch this space for further announcements.

Nonso Anozie, Nicola Coughlan and Jessica Gunning cast in The Magic Faraway Tree film adaption.
(Credit: Getty Images)

What is the original book about?

One day three children go exploring the forest behind their new home, and discover the forest is enchanted. When they come across some elves, they are warned against climbing the Faraway Tree, a warning the children ignore.

It is at the top of the tree that they find a magical land with eccentric characters such as Moonface, Silky, Dame Washalot, Mr. Watzisname, Saucepan Man and the Angry Fairy.

From the top of the tree, a magical ladder leads to everchanging lands which the children visit. The story follows their daily adventures through the mystical lands as well as the challenges they must overcome together.

When will The Magic Faraway Tree be released?

While we currently do not have a release date, filming is set to begin in June this year.

Watch this space for further announcements.

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