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Kate Winslet is back with a new miniseries – The Regime.

The talented actress won numerous awards and accolades for her captivating performance in the 2021 miniseries Mare of Easttown, so we can’t wait to see her turn in this show!

Created and executively produced by Will Tracy (known for writing The Menu and a few episodes of Succession), The Regime follows the chancellor of a fictional Central European autocracy who suddenly finds her position is at risk…

Obviously, Kate plays the aforementioned chancellor; a role which the Oscar-winner took on because she believed it would be challenging.

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“I had never read a script like it… I had never come across a character quite like her. And I knew that, as a role for me, I had never played anything like her before — and I wanted to do comedy. I loved the fact that, yes, it’s about a dictator, but she’s also a female dictator. It’s not a male dictator. And I knew the nuances and the feminine fragility that I could explore behind that mask,” Kate told IndieWire.

Read on to find out everything you need to know about The Regime.

How can I watch The Regime in Australia?

The first episode was released exclusively on BINGE on March 4, 2024. And all subsequent episodes are set to be released weekly on the streaming platform.

Stream The Regime now on BINGE with a 7-day free trial. Subscribe here.

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Is The Regime a true story?

No, the miniseries is completely fictional. It is a satire of modern politics though.

What is the plot of The Regime?

The Regime follows Chancellor Elena Vernham, the unstable leader of an authoritarian government that’s beginning to crumble.

As Elena attempts to regain control, she enlists an unlikely confidant – unpredictable soldier Herbert Zubak.

the regime

But as Herbert’s influence over her grows, Elena begins alienating her ministers and risks losing everything…

Who stars in The Regime?

Kate Winslet stars as Chancellor Elena Vernham. The Regime also stars Matthias Schoenaerts, Guillaume Gallienne, Andrea Riseborough, Danny Webb, Henry Goodman, David Bamber, Pippa Haywood, Rory Keenan and Stanley Townsend.

Hugh Grant also has a small role in the series.

Where was The Regime filmed?

The miniseries was filmed in Vienna. The Schönbrunn Palace was used for the exterior shots of Elena’s palace where as rooms in the Liechtenstein City Palace and the Pallavicini were used for the interior shots.

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