Tom Cruise reveals why he’s determined to revive the lost “artform” of cinema

“I make my movies for cinemas.”
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Some would say that ‘cinema’ is a dying artform thanks to the rise of streaming platforms and the COVID-19 pandemic.

But Tom Cruise is determined to keep making films specifically for the cinema; so don’t expect to see the 61-year-old in a Netflix original anytime soon!

Tom Cruise will only make fims intended for a cinematic release. “I make my movies for audiences. I always have, no matter what genre,” he said.

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While speaking to The Project, Tom was congratulated by panellist Hamish Macdonald for his most recent films Top Gun: Maverick and Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One being responsible for re-sparking an interest in seeing films at the cinema.

Which led to Tom to say, “It’s a beautiful artform. I make my movies for cinemas. And I know they come out on the other platforms, that’s fine. But to have that experience, I love that experience. I love seeing movies with an audience.”

“And it’s a different artform, there’s just something about that community and what we can deliver for an audience on a big screen with the sound. I mean, I’ve always, I didn’t want them cutting the screens up smaller into cineplexes, I remember in the 80s, that’s why I started shooting; you know, I started pushing large formats of 65 millimetre and big screen experience and I’ve always been really studying what we’re doing with sound and visually to immerse an audience in a story. So, I personally love it. It is a different mindset in making a film like that and what’s better than all of us together in a theatre together?,” he continued.

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“We can all have different problems, walks of life, everything; [but] we’re all experiencing something together. It is a cultural, beautiful thing.”

Tom also spoke rather candidly about how he didn’t like how isolating the pandemic was and much prefers to interact with people face-to-face.

“And I know everyone, we’re talking about what we’ve all been through collectively as humanity… But, uh, I don’t like Zoom meetings. I don’t like emails, I don’t want Zoom meetings, it’s like, I tell my crew, ‘Guys, you gotta come talk to me… I wanna see your face, I wanna talk to you.’ That’s the fun of making movies, you know, to all be together and do it. It’s a very tactile, physical artform and that’s what I like,” Tom said.

Tom also revealed he wasn’t a fan of being isolated during the pandemic. “I don’t like Zoom meetings. I don’t like emails,” he said.

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The four-time Oscar nominee then went on to say that his two greatest loves are films and his fans.

“I love them [my fans]. I make my movies for audiences. I always have, no matter what genre. You know, I’ve always wanted to make movies. I go and I make it and I’m studying film all the time. I love it.”

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