Queen Camilla wears the late Queen Elizabeth’s tiara during royal engagement

And the tiara in question has a rich history…

Queen Camilla has honoured her mother-in-law, the late Queen Elizabeth, by wearing her tiara during a royal engagement.

On October 18, 2023, Camilla, along with husband King Charles, attended a reception and dinner held at Mansion House in the City of London, in honour of their coronation.

queen camilla tiara
Queen Camilla wearing the Girls of Great Britain and Ireland tiara in 2023.

And for the event, Camilla paired her black and silver Bruce Oldfield gown with the Girls of Great Britain and Ireland tiara; a tiara Elizabeth wore numerous times during her reign (in fact, several British and Commonwealth banknotes and coins feature a depiction of Elizabeth wearing this tiara).

As with most jewels belonging to the royal family, the Girls of Great Britain and Ireland tiara has a rich history.

queen elizabeth tiara
Queen Elizabeth wearing the Girls of Great Britain and Ireland tiara in 1992.

According to the Royal Collection Trust, the tiara in question was originally Queen Mary’s. In 1893, it was given to Mary – who at that time was the Duchess of York – as a wedding present from the “Girls of Great Britain and Ireland”.

Then in 1947, Mary gave the tiara to her granddaughter, the then-Princess Elizabeth, on her and Prince Philip’s wedding day.

queen camilla tiara
King Charles and Queen Camilla arrive at Mansion House, with Camilla sporting the necklace Elizabeth was given on her 21st birthday.

The Girls of Great Britain and Ireland tiara wasn’t the only piece of Elizabeth’s jewellery that Camilla wore to Mansion House.

The Queen also wore the matching necklace and bracelet that were given to Elizabeth on her 21st birthday by the Prime Minister of the Union of South Africa, Field Marshal Jan Smuts.

elizabeth necklace
The diamond necklace presented to Elizabeth by the people of South Africa in 1947.

At the time, also in 1947, Prime Minister Smuts said when presenting the gift to Elizabeth: “This little gift will remind her of this wonderful visit to South Africa and of this milestone in her life.

“It will be a symbol of the link she has established with our country and its people.

“It will remind her of the deep and sincere feelings of sympathy and goodwill which this historic visit has stirred in the hearts of all my people.”

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