The sweetest moments Queen Elizabeth shared with her beloved Corgis, in pictures

The late Queen had a special place in her heart for these dogs…

For decades, the late Queen Elizabeth II was synonymous with her unwavering commitment to her country and her people.

And, as anyone who followed her life will know, she was also devoted to her animals.
Behind her regal demeanour and the crown, there existed a softer, more personal side to Her Majesty – a deep and enduring affection for her faithful canine companions, the Pembroke Welsh Corgis.

These charming and loyal dogs held a special place in the heart of Britain’s longest-reigning monarch, with 14 generations of corgis from the same line being part of the family. Their presence brought warmth, joy, and a touch of whimsy to the Queen’s life; which sadly ended a year ago on September 8, 2022.

In honour of Queen Elizabeth, one year on from her death, we look back at the sweetest moments she shared with her beloved Corgis in pictures…

then-princess elizabeth and dog


The Queen’s love of corgis began at a young age. This picture was taken in 1936 when she would’ve been just 10 years old.

then-princess elizabeth holding dog


Here’s Queen Elizabeth in 1940, again as a young girl, showing off her clear love of corgis.

elizabeth and dog


Here Queen Elizabeth is pictured during a visit to Balmoral Castle in 1952 with one her beloved corgis.

queen elizabeth, prince philip, princess anne, then-prince charles and corgis


Princess Anne and then-Prince Charles, accompanied by Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip, played with the family’s corgis while staying at Balmoral in 1955.

queen elizabeth corgis


Queen Elizabeth was spotted taking pictures of her dogs during a walk in Windsor Park in 1960.

queen elizabeth corgi


In 1970, for an official royal photoshoot held at Sandringham House, the Queen decided to sit with one of her pups.

queen elizabeth corgis


In 1974, Her Majesty arrived at Aberdeen Airport with her dogs in tow.

queen elizabeth carrying her corgi


During a walk through Windsor Great Park in 1990, Queen Elizabeth had to carry one of her pets home.

queen elizabeth, her corgi and john key


In 2015, when the Queen met with John Key, who was the Prime Minister of New Zealand at the time, one of her pups sat in on the meeting.

queen elizabeth with fans' corgis


During a visit to Sherborne Abbey in 2012, the Queen stopped to pet an admiring royalist’s corgi.

queen elizabeth petting a corgi

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