The three most iconic Australian Women’s Weekly Birthday cake recipes

We take a look back at the most beloved birthday cake recipes from The Weekly.

First published in 1980, The Australian Women’s Weekly Children’s Birthday Cake Book has been loved for generations.

After all, who doesn’t have at least one memory of poring over the well-thumbed pages, trying to decide on this year’s birthday cake?

Whether you remember pestering Mum to pleeeease make you the jelly swimming pool cake for your birthday or have fond memories of decorating these birthday favourites with your kids, these timeless classics are sure to give you a nostalgia hit.

So, you can impress at your next birthday party here are the recipes to three iconic cakes.

Swimming Pool Birthday Cake

Jelly AND cake? Winner! The Australian Women’s Weekly’s famous swimming pool cake from their ‘Children’s Birthday Cake Book’ was an ’80s favourite and still impresses to this day.


Duck Birthday Cake

You saw it first in the ’80s and then more recently thanks to Bluey. Now you can try your hand at the famous Women’s Weekly Duck Cake yourself. Will yours be as good as Bandit’s or will it be better? Either way the kids are sure to be delighted to get their very own Duck Cake for their birthday.


Choo-choo Train Birthday Cake

Of all the amazing kids’ party food, nothing beats a classic birthday cake. Chug down memory lane with this choo-choo train, straight from the cover of our Birthday Cake Book.


The Australian Women’s Weekly: 90 Years of an Australian Icon

The Australian Women’s Weekly: 90 Years of an Australian Icon exhibition opens on Sat 27 May and closes on Sat 27 August at Bendigo Art Gallery, 42 View Street, Bendigo VIC.

The exhibition celebrates the contributions of some of the influential and trailblazing women who have made the Weekly what it is today, plus fun moments like two reconstructions of our iconic Choo Choo Train and Swimming Pool Birthday Cakes.

For more information, head to the Bendigo Art Gallery website.

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