The best new TV shows to look out for this month

Allow us to put a few upcoming quality shows on your radar…

Looking for a few new TV shows to add to your watch list this month?

Here’s everything coming to a streaming platform near you in July 2024:

New shows being released in July 2024:

The Man with 1000 Kids

This fascinating documentary series focuses on Jonathan Meijer, a Dutch YouTuber who is accused of fathering more than 500 children and defrauding people across the globe.

Where to watch: Netflix Australia from July 3.


Starring Asher Keddie, Fake follows Birdie Bell – a writer who meets the perfect man via a dating app. However, after committing to him, Birdie soon discovers he misrepresented himself online and begins to unravel his lies.

Where to watch: Paramount+ from July 4.

I Was Actually There

I Was Actually There is a six-part documentary that explores defining moments of our recent history through the eyes, ears and voices of those who witnessed them firsthand. It’s sure to be good as it’s from the same makers of the award-winning You Can’t Ask That.

Where to watch: ABC iView from July 9.

The Twelve – Season 2

In Season 1 of The Twelve, we met Kate Lawson, a woman on trial for the alleged murder of her niece, as well as the twelve jurors who brought their personal lives and prejudices to the courtroom. Starring Kate Mulvany, Sam Neill and Marta Dusseldrop, don’t miss the new season when it drops.

Where to watch: Binge from July 11.

Those About to Die

Starring Sir Anthony Hopkins, Those About to Die explores a side of Ancient Rome and its gladiators never before told.

Where to watch: Prime Video from July 18.

Lady in the Lake

Based on the Laura Lippman novel of the same name, Natalie Portman stars in Lady in the Lake. Set in 1960s Baltimore, the series follows Maddie Schwartz, an investigative journalist working on an unsolved murder, and the woman she clashes with – Cleo Sherwood, who’s working to advance the agenda of the city’s black community.

Where to watch: Apple TV+ from July 19.

New shows that were released in June 2024:

ABBA: Against the Odds

This documentary explores the inside struggles ABBA, the biggest pop group of the 1970s, faced. It covers everything from critical backlash to the relationship break-ups, and features interviews with all four members of ABBA as well as with those closest to them.

Where to watch: ABC iView from June 9.

Bridgerton – Season 3 Part 2

The second half of Bridgerton’s third season will still focus on the blossoming relationship between Colin Bridgerton (played by Luke Newton) and Penelope Featherington (played by Nicola Coughlan). Read more about the period drama here and read The Weekly’s exclusive interview with Luke and Nicola here.

Where to watch: Netflix Australia from June 13.

The Boys – Season 4

The boys are officially back. After failing to kill Homelander last season, Billy Butcher and the team regroup to figure out what to do next in Season 4… All while Billy secretly only has six months to live.

Where to watch: Prime Video from June 13.

Ladies in Black

A continuation of the film of the same name and starring Miranda Otto, Debi Mazar and Jessica De Gouw. You can read our full interview with Miranda where she discusses the new series in great detail here.

Where to watch: ABC iView from June 16.

House of the Dragon – Season 2

The Game of Thrones prequel is back for its second season! The series will presumably pick up right where it left off; in case you forgot, in an intense scene Aemond Targaryen’s dragon ate Lucerys Velaryon whole.

Where to watch: Binge from June 17.

Land of Women

This dramedy miniseries stars Eva Longoria as Gala – a New York woman who must flee the city with her ageing mother and college-age daughter after her husband becomes seriously indebted to some criminals. The three women end up in a small town in northern Spain; a town that happens to be where Gala’s mother fled from 50 years ago…

Where to watch: Apple+ from June 26.

The Bear – Season 3

The critically acclaimed series The Bear – which won four Emmy Awards at this year’s ceremony – is back! According to the official synopsis, Season 3 will follow Carmy, Sydney and Richie as “they do what it takes to elevate The Bear, their beef stand turned fine dining establishment, to the highest level, all while doing their best just to stay in business”.

Where to watch: Disney+ from June 27.

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